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Meet our President

Overwhelmed by banking acronyms? Unsure of the steps needed to take out a loan? Confused about different lending options? Don’t worry. We’ve got you.

We cover all these topics and more in our video series, Making Cents. Our knowledgeable associates break down a variety of banking topics, offering viewers education and clarity. Each video will leave you feeling empowered to make smart financial decisions that fit your needs

In this edition, President Eric Albrecht answers some rapid-fire questions from our host, Marketing Director Hannah Willis. Here’s what we learn:

  • Hannah has a couple of months seniority on Eric, and she’s not shy about reminding him.
  • The weirdest job Eric ever had involved the mining industry, which makes sense because he’s from Hibbing.
  • Eric has a very clean … maybe TOO clean … desk. 
  • He is man of dueling passions; a lover of fire and of ice. In other words he likes hockey and the show Fire Country. But it sounds more dramatic the other way.
  • Eric finds it VERY hard to pick his favorite place to eat in the Twin Ports, but he wouldn’t turn down wallet tacos at Pier B on a summer’s day.
  • He likes country music in his car and brushing his teeth after every meal. 
  • His role combines his skills in sales, operations, technology and community outreach. It gives him the chance to make an impact with associates, shareholders, customers and the communities NBC serves.
  • He sees his main role as fostering honest interactions with people and helping them create or reach a financial goal.
  • He thinks financial literacy is a missing link in the schools, and he’s proud of NBC’s efforts to give back to the community in that way.
  • Eric is passionate about NBC’s commitment to making a difference on a larger scale across all the footprints that we touch by giving back to our community, our environment and our most vulnerable.
  • He didn’t have to put a single cent in the Jargon Jar.

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