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Personal Banking

What do I need to open a personal bank account? 

The minimum deposit to open a personal banking checking account is $100, while a savings account is $50. We’ll also need a current state-issued ID or passport, and other personally-identifying information. 

Can I open a personal bank account online? 

All personal banking accounts must be opened in person at one of our branches

Does NBC offer free checks for personal accounts? 

We have some personal accounts that do offer two boxes of personalized checks per year free to the active account holder. 

Are there any fees for debit cards? 

There are no annual fees with NBC debit cards. And, when using your card at an ATM within the MoneyPass/NBC network, you’ll enjoy fee-free withdrawals. NBC charges $3 when you use an ATM out-of-network. 

Does NBC refund ATM surcharges? 

Only when it is specific to an account service benefit available to that specific account. 

Does NBC have free checking and savings? 

We offer checking accounts with no minimum balance and only charge service fees for additional services that are requested and used. Our savings accounts do require a minimum balance with a service charge should you fall below that amount. 

Is there a minimum deposit requirement for personal accounts? 

We offer a checking account with no minimum balance requirements. 

Do I have to keep a minimum balance? 

We offer a checking account with no minimum balance requirements. 

Is there a limit on how often I can withdraw from my savings account? 

It’s your money. Use it how you need it. If you have specific questions, talk to your banker. 

What type of account is best for children and/or students? 

Our Youth Accounts are a great way for kids to get started managing their financial future. 

What do I need to open a CD or IRA? 

It varies by product. Speak with your banker to find out the specific requirements for the products you’re interested in. 

Personal Lending

Can I apply for an NBC personal loan online? 

All personal loans must be applied for in-person at one of our branches

How are my interest rate and loan terms established? 

Rates are determined by the type of loan and the type of collateral you present. 

How much of a down payment is required for a personal loan?

It all depends on the loan. Some may not require a down payment at all. 

What can I use as collateral on a personal loan? 

Collateral can include personal property such as vehicles, ATVs and boats. 

Are there any pre-payment penalties?  

There are no pre-payment penalties on a personal loan. 

Do you offer student loans? 

We do not offer student loans. 

Mortgage & Home Lending

How do I apply for a mortgage with NBC? 

You can use our website to apply online or schedule an appointment with one of our mortgage bankers via our Let’s Talk page, stop by to meet with a Mortgage Banker or complete an application over the phone. 

What’s the difference between being prequalified and preapproved?

Pre-qualified means that you have talked to a mortgage banker and they have calculated your income and pulled your credit and given you a dollar amount that you qualify for to purchase a home. Pre-approved means that you have provided the banker with your income and asset documents, they have pulled your credit and submitted your file to an underwriter who has reviewed your information and has conditionally approved the loan. 

What do I need to get started? 

We’ll need to see copies of your most recent 30-days of pay stubs, the last two years of tax returns including W2s, and copies of your most recent 30-day bank statement for the account where your funds to close will come from. 

What are NBC’s current mortgage loan rates? 

As interest rates can vary by the week (or even by the day), the best way to get our current mortgage loan rates is to contact us directly. 

Does NBC service its own mortgage loans? 

Yes, we service the majority our own mortgages, so you can always call your local lender if you ever have any questions regarding your mortgage. 

What’s the difference between a home equity loan and home equity line of credit? 

A home equity loan has a fixed monthly payment each month. A line of credit can fluctuate each month depending on the amount of money you have drawn from the loan. 

How do I know when I should refinance my home? 

The best thing to do is call one of our bankers so they can assess your current situation and see if it makes sense to do. 

Signature (Private) Banking

Who qualifies for NBC Signature Banking? 

Customers with either investable assets of over $500,000 or a household income of $150,000 or more qualify for Signature Banking. Proof of this may be collected at the time the account is established. 

What is the typical amount needed for a Signature Banking account? 

There is a minimum balance of $1,000 to open an account, but once you’re a Signature Banking customer, there are other ways to waive fees beyond minimum balance requirements—we are all about relationships! 

How do I open a Signature Banking account with NBC? 

Contact a Signature Banker to start the conversation. They will travel to wherever is convenient for you, so don’t worry if your favorite location doesn’t have one on staff. 

What are the advantages of NBC Signature Banking versus personal banking? 

Signature Banking takes personal to the next level. Customers work with a dedicated team that provides the highest level of service, even providing extended access to bankers outside of regular business hours. 

Business Banking

What do I need to open a business account? 

The specific documents required will depend upon the type of business, however, all business accounts require a $100 minimum opening deposit as well as personal identification for signers and business documents to verify the business. 

Can I open a business bank account online? 

All business accounts must be opened in person at one of our branches

Can I open a business bank account as a sole proprietor? 

Yes, absolutely.  

Is there a minimum deposit requirement on business accounts? 

Business accounts have a $100 minimum deposit requirement. 

Do I have to keep a minimum balance on business accounts? 

There are no minimum balance requirements on business accounts. 

Are there any fees for business debit cards?

Our business debit cards are all fee-free.

Does NBC offer free checks for business accounts? 

We don’t offer free checks for our business accounts. Customers should see a banker for current pricing and packet details. 

Business Lending

What are the typical requirements for a business loan? 

Generally, we require the past 2 years of tax returns for a business, and the past two years of personal tax returns for sole proprietors. 

Can I get a loan for a startup business? 

Yes! We also work with local organizations such as the SBA and Entrepreneur Fund. We’ll need the past two years of personal tax returns and a business plan. 

What is the usual required down payment for a business loan? 

Typically, we require 20% for a down payment. 

Business Credit Cards

What do I need to get a business credit card? 

All you need is an active account in good standing with NBC. For credit limits over $15,000 you’ll also need the past 2 years of financials for your business. 

How do I apply for a credit card? 
Who should apply for a company credit card?

The most senior officer or majority owner should complete the application. However, they are not the actual applicant, but rather acting as the guarantor. 

Can I get a business credit card as a sole proprietor? 

Yes, absolutely. 

Is a business credit card based on personal credit?

We do a soft pull on the guarantor’s credit. It will not impact their credit score. 

Can I get a business credit card if my personal credit is bad?

Credit decisions depend on the requested credit limit and actual credit score. 

Does a business credit card affect personal credit? 

No, a business credit card is separate from personal credit. 

Do I need to sign the personal guarantee? 

Yes, unless no one person owns greater than 10% of the company.

Merchant Services

How do I open my merchant account? 

Reach out to Corey Stibbe, Treasury Management Sales Specialist to discuss your specific needs! Corey can be reached via email at or by phone at 715.394.8945.

Which documents do I need to open a merchant account?

If you currently accept credit cards, we’ll need 2-3 months of your most current statements. 

What types of payments can I accept? 

We offer merchants the ability to accept payments from Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Also, you can make payments over the phone, in person, or online. 

Do you offer mobile options for payment? 

Yes! We use Clover Go, a Bluetooth enabled reader and can accept chip cards along with payment types like Apple Pay and Android Pay. 

Are your rates competitive? 

In most cases we can offer savings to our merchants, however rates are dependent on card volume. 

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