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The ABCs of
Dollars and Cents

Financial literacy for the next generation starts here

Managing money is a crucial component of being a successful adult. So why not start learning the ropes before you become one?

Whether you’re about to enter kindergarten or about to graduate college, there’s things to know and steps to take that will set you up for a richly rewarding future.

Age 5-9

Smart Spending

Managing money starts with understanding the concepts of saving and spending. Now’s the time to teach them about the value of money — both what it can be used for, and what it can help you achieve. It’s also time to demonstrate that money only goes so far and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Making Cents with Lindsey and Evie

In this kid-centric version of our Making Cents video series, NBC SVP and Human Resources Director Lindsey Growette Stingle and her daughter Evie suss out the difference between saving and spending, what you can do with money, and what it even is.

Summer Spending Worksheet

Imagine this: School’s out for the summer and you’re ready to make it the best one yet. Trouble is, you’ve only got $100 to spend. Crack open this worksheet and select how you’ll spend your summer cash!

Age 10-14

Beginning Budgets

This might be the window where your not-so-little-one finds their first summer job. But whether they’re socking away paychecks or allowance, it’s time to teach them how to budget all those bucks.

Making Cents with Eric and Kellan

NBC President Eric Albrecht sits down with his son, Kellan, to figure out just how much money they spend on golf. But they also discuss the importance of budgeting money to buy the things you need, buy the things you want, and give back to those with less.

Money Conversation Cheat Sheet

Talking about money is never easy, even with a ten-year-old. Making things easier with this conversation flowchart, designed to help you navigate early discussions about saving, spending and budgeting to boost their financial literacy.

Age 15-17

Budget Breakdown

By now your kids are testing the limits of their growing freedoms. They might be driving. They might be managing a custodial bank account of their own. And they might be tempted to spend beyond their means. Now’s the time to break down budgets and help them create one of their own.

Making Cents with Jeremy and Claire

NBC’s EVP – Chief Financial Officer Jeremy Egnash has been with the bank since he was in high school. He’s got a daughter of his own in high school now, and they sat down to talk about all things money, including when to open an account for kids, and the way to properly manage that account, including how to write a check and deposit funds.

Monthly Budget Planner

As your teenagers begin to manage their own income and expenses, it’s vital that they understand basic budgeting concepts. This free planner will help them put their best financial foot forward.

Age 18-21

Guidance for Grownups

You’re not a kid anymore. That means you get to call the shots. It also means you have to pay the bills. This is also when the credit card companies come calling with promises of easy access to money to buy whatever you want. Now is the time to teach your young adults how to properly manage their credit.

Making Cents with Stephanie and Ryan

NBC’s SVP – Chief Retail Banking Officer Stephanie Cummings sits down with her son, Ryan to discuss how wants and needs change as you transition into adulthood, how money helps fuel your growing freedom, and how proper money management can help you achieve your goals.

Credit Card Comparison Chart

Take the guesswork out of credit management with this free chart that helps you compare credit card terms and fees to make the best selection for your needs, credit score, and financial goals.

Making Sense of Dollars and Cents Starts Now

Set your kids up for success with these financial literacy aids for every age. If you’re looking to go more in-depth or your kids have questions that you and these resources don’t answer, please contact one of our bankers. We’d love to help.

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