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Making Cents with Eric and Kellan

NBC President Eric Albrecht sits down with his son, Kellan, to figure out just how much money they spend on golf. But they also discuss the importance of budgeting money to buy the things you need, buy the things you want, and give back to those with less.

Beginning Budgets for Ages 10-14

This might be the window where your not-so-little-one finds their first summer job. But whether they’re socking away paychecks or allowance, it’s time to teach them how to budget all those bucks.

Money Conversation Cheat Sheet

Talking about money is never easy, even with a ten-year-old. Making things easier with this conversation flowchart, designed to help you navigate early discussions about saving, spending and budgeting to boost their financial literacy.

Financial literacy is a crucial component of being a successful adult. So why not start learning the ropes when you’re a kid? In our Making Cents video series, members of the National Bank of Commerce’s leadership team check in with their kids to test their own efforts at raising wise money minds. In this fun, fast, and informational videos, you’ll hear what kids aged 8-21 have to say about the following four questions:

  • What is money?
  • Why is money important?
  • What do your parents spend money on?
  • If you were given $100, what would you do with it?

Maybe these videos will spark inspiration to get you talking with your kids about how to manage money because it’s never too early!

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