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Meet our CEO

Overwhelmed by banking acronyms? Unsure of the steps needed to take out a loan? Confused about different lending options? Don’t worry. We’ve got you.

We cover all these topics and more in our video series, Making Cents. Our knowledgeable associates break down a variety of banking topics, offering viewers education and clarity. Each video will leave you feeling empowered to make smart financial decisions that fit your needs

In this edition, CEO Brad Roden answers some rapid-fire questions from our host, Marketing Director Hannah Willis. Here’s what we learn:

  • Brad has been with NBC for 15 years.
  • His career history is NOT boring, Hannah. 
  • He comes from the grocery industry. Like, he owned grocery stores. This gave him the crucial ability to see things from the customer’s viewpoint first.
  • The weirdest thing he has on his desk is a week-old banana that we all know he’s never gonna eat now.
  • He’s a hockey fan, as well as a television fan … so long as the television is broadcasting hockey. 
  • He also loves dining out at any of the Blackwoods family of restaurants. Especially if there’s hockey on the televisions.
  • His favorite music genre is news, followed by country, and he’s a twice-a-day brusher. Though he might stretch to three if he’s just eaten a week-old banana.
  • He decided when he joined NBC in 2008 that he wanted to someday run the bank. Talk about making more possible!
  • He’s charged with the strategic direction of the bank and its long-term strategy.
  • He’s most proud of the investments the bank makes in the community, such as NBC’s new volunteer time off (VTO) program, where every full-time associate gets 12 hours each year of paid time off to volunteer for whatever local cause they’re passionate about.

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