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Treasury Management Case Study

Overwhelmed by banking acronyms? Unsure of the steps needed to take out a loan? Confused about different lending options? Don’t worry. We’ve got you.

We cover all these topics and more in our video series, Making Cents. Our knowledgeable associates break down a variety of banking topics, offering viewers education and clarity. Each video will leave you feeling empowered to make smart financial decisions that fit your needs.

In this edition, AVP – Treasury Management Sales Specialist Matt Rouse is joined by the CFO of Halvor Lines, Tom Quintus, to answer some rapid-fire questions from our host, Marketing Director Hannah Willis. Here’s what we learn:

  • Hannah starts off by warning Tom about the perils of the Jargon Jar. He is appropriately afraid.
  • Matt tries to catch Hannah in some jargon, but since she’s the host, she’s exempt. Deal with it.
  • Tom gives a brief overview of Halvor Lines, one of the region’s top over-the-road trucking companies with over 900 employees.
  • They run four different modes of freight. We didn’t even know there were that many kinds. 
  • Put simply, treasury management is the ability to move your funds. It’s something banks offer customers who want liquidity and easy access to ACH wires … Yeah, that’s jargon. The quarter goes in and Matt tries again.
  • ACH means automated clearing house, which is how employees get paid via direct deposit and it’s how businesses send payments to vendors.
  • Treasury Management also includes things like cash management and company cards.
  • Halvor Lines was the pilot customer for NBC’s Treasury Management program five years ago.
  • It’s designed for large enterprises — big businesses with lots of employees, vendors, customers and complexity.
  • Halvor Lines already had a great working relationship with NBC, but they had a number of banking accounts with other institutions as well. It was a financial patchwork and Tom, as a new CFO, needed visibility, action and efficiency. NBC provided it all.
  • The process starts with a conversation to make sure you’re a good fit for our Treasury Management product. It’s important to know what your needs are and how NBC can fulfill them.
  • Tom uses the product almost every single day, giving him key visibility into their capital. In business, opportunities require speed and access to capital, so easy access to that information is crucial.
  • Tom sees business partnerships as transactional or relationship-based. And NBC is a relationship–based partnership to Halvor Lines. And that requires a nurtured relationship with constant communication. And the trust and understanding Halvor and NBC share has been a sizable advantage over the years.
  • In a world full of competing priorities, Tom would encourage business leaders to reach out to NBC about their Treasury Management product, as he has found the investment in time to be minimal and the reward on that investment to be great.
  • If you’re looking for a local, community bank with a national bank-sized solution, reach out to NBC.

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