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Removal of QuickBooks and Quicken Desktop Services

On June 30, 2023 current online banking customers using QuickBooks or Quicken desktop software will no longer be able to download directly into their Intuit software from their online banking platform.

The instructions below will walk you through how to manually grab your transaction history from online banking. After June 30, 2023 you will need to manually download/export your account history from online banking and then manually upload/import your transaction history to QuickBooks or Quicken. Below are the steps to complete this!

Downloading Transactions

End users can use this process to export their transaction data from Banno Online to an external file.

  1. Choose an option to begin.
    • Go to the Dashboard screen, and select the relevant account from the Accounts section.
    • From the main Banno Online menu, select Accounts, and then select the relevant account.
  1. Select the down arrow to the left of the print icon in the Transactions section.
  2. Select the desired value for the Date range field.
  3. Select the desired File type.

Available file types include: Open Financial Exchange (OFX), Spreadsheet (CSV), Quicken® (QFX), QuickBooks® (QBO), and Text file (TXT)

  1. Select Download.

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