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Lobbies to Reopen

Starting January 19, 2021 all National Bank of Commerce lobbies will be reopened with the exception of West Duluth. We are excited to welcome the return of familiar faces, as well as new ones, as we make efforts to follow the plans set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), federal OSHA standards, and local and state guidelines. Our dedicated associates along with the communities we serve are our number one priority, so we’ve made extensive provisions to ensure the safety and health of everyone.

1. People First – This means two things to us: our customers and our associates. NBC is committed to a healthy and safe banking experience for our customers. As we move forward with additional distancing, safety and sanitation guidelines, we want everyone to feel safe and welcome while knowing that their health and well-being is protected! Throughout this process we want to remain as accessible and safe as possible, which is why we’re still highly encouraging the use of our drive thru, remote banking solutions and scheduled appointments.

The welfare of our associates is of the utmost concern. At this time some of our associates are still working remotely. We’ve also implemented shift work in a few locations to avoid having all associates in the same place at once. We’ve supplied all of our associates with reusable masks and provided thorough response plan training.

2. Health and Safety – Each branch has received guidance on proper sanitation procedures that will be carried out each business day to combat the spread of germs. These cleaning efforts include measures such as frequent cleaning, thorough sanitation each night and an ample supply of pens and other supplies to avoid reuse between customers. Important – customers who enter the branch wearing a mask will be asked to lower their mask for our cameras and potentially again at the teller line/banker desk. This is for identification and security purposes. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, please utilize one of our other banking options.

3. Physical Separation – While being open to the public is a step we’ve all been looking forward to taking again, maintaining physical distancing measures are essential to the progress of our community’s health. To help our customers comply with safety procedures, all branches will have floor stickers and plexiglass shields to aid in maintaining safe physical distance and providing effective protective barriers.

4. Easy Access Banking Solutions – Friendly reminder that we are still offering, and highly encouraging, the use of our drive thrus,remote banking solutions and appointment scheduling for all customers who would rather continue their banking at a distance.
When all is said and done, we’re truly committed to meeting your banking needs in a way that is as easy and safe as possible. We look forward to having a meaningful and safe interaction with you on your next visit.

Thank you for your support. You are a big part of why we can make more possible!

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