Pro Tip: Mortgages from a Community Bank

There are plenty of reasons to go with a local community bank for your mortgage, but having a physical branch to walk into is a big one.

As you may have heard, homebuying involves a bit of paperwork. Sending secure documents back and forth gets a lot easier when you can stop by over lunch or on your way home. Sometimes, your banker may even hang out a few minutes later so you can hand over signed documents; something you won’t get when a customer service line closes at 7pm CT.

On the other hand, when your branch is nearby, you’ll also benefit from better service. It’s hard to feel taken care of when the number you call gives you a different banker every time. Community banks pride themselves on taking care of the community. You can rest assured that the attention you get from a mortgage banker at a community bank will make you feel more confident—which is important when you’re making such a big decision.

Another reason to go with local mortgage bankers? They know the market. Community banks that make local decisions have fewer steps to take when it comes to getting processes moving. What can take days at a larger bank that’s out of town can take hours at a community bank. The difference? The people they’re dealing with are likely down the street or in the same office, not states away.

Even better: your community bank can be your one-stop banking shop. Community banks that handle mortgages can most likely manage your personal and commercial banking, too. Sometimes even your health savings account. It’s a great way to simplify your banking.

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