How to Find the Right Mortgage Banker

There are some professionals you’ll interact with again and again over the course of your life. Real estate agents, primary care providers and accountants first come to mind. But what about mortgage bankers? You’ll likely work with your mortgage banker when buying your first home, refinancing, selling and buying again. You may even recommend your mortgage banker to your children when they buy their first home.

Simply put, finding the right mortgage banker is an important step in the home buying process, and it’s one you shouldn’t overlook. Here are some qualifications to consider when it comes to choosing a mortgage banker.

Make time to meet in person.

Like a real estate agent, your mortgage banker should be a person you trust and feel comfortable communicating with. Meeting with a mortgage banker face-to-face to begin the relationship can kick off the entire home buying process.

Mortgage bankers can range in years of experience and areas of expertise. For example, some mortgage bankers prefer to work with first-time homebuyers while others are experts in refinancing. Feel free to research your mortgage banker or read about them on the bank website. Then, set up a meeting to discuss your goals and financial situation early on. That way, when you’re ready to start looking at houses, you have a good relationship.

Ask about results.

Mortgage bankers at NBC pride themselves on making more possible for their customers, so speed and customer service are at the top of their priorities. Ask your mortgage banker any questions you have about timing, for example, how quickly you can expect to get pre-approved, how long it’ll take to close on a house or how available they are to field questions during the day if something comes up.

The right mortgage banker is responsive and supportive, and going to a community bank like NBC is one way to ensure yours will possess both qualities.

Knowledge of the market.

The people helping you buy your house should understand the market so they can help you get the best deal. Mortgage bankers at NBC have relationships with local professionals who all know the Twin Ports and surrounding area.
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